Kingdom Keys

This year’s Lock-In focused on Kingdom Keys. The things that unlock the Kingdom of Heaven and give us access here on Earth.

Romans 10:9-10
-Yeah, it’s simple but it’s not always easy for people to do.

Romans 3:22-26
-Jesus righteousness makes us heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven. Kingdom Kids get keys.

Authority through Salvation
Ephesians 1:17-22 (AMP)

Matthew 16:19
-We have keys to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We can unlock doors and experience God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit in a real and meaningful way. These keys are a symbol of authority that we are children of King Jesus.

Romans 8:37-39
-Nothing can stop God’s love for us. Our salvation through Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross means that our purpose is sealed and protected. We will be and can be victorious over all the schemes and plans of Satan.

The End (of the Bible) Is Near!

Revelation Happenings

Revelation 1:9-18

Theme: Hope in Times of Suffering
Subtopics: God, End Times, Authority, Sharing Your Faith, Justice

Mixing It Up

Here are three other stories with similar “weirdness” or that touch on the theme and other topics we discussed.

Daniel 7
Daniel’s vision of the end of the world

Mark 13
Jesus’ warning about the end of the world

Ezekiel 1
Ezekiel’s vision of heaven

Isaiah 6
Isaiah’s vision of heaven

God’s symbolic message of judgment

The Gel…

Think about the reasons you have for hope or things for which you are thankful. Tell God. He is worthy of our praise.

Follow up questions

  • What do you think of John’s view of God in heaven?
  • Why is it important to know that God is stronger than the kings of this world?
  • What kind of justice can we hope for when we believe in God?
  • When is it OK to be like Daniel, even if it means disobedience?
  • How does the discussion of John day and age change the way you think about the book of Revelation?
  • How do you think John audience responded to his letter?
  • How has Jesus comforted you in your own times of need or suffering?
  • How might God use you to encourage other when they hurt?
  • Who in the world today might be going through the same kinds of things as John’s audience back then?
  • How will you actually reach out to help others find hope?